Sectors: Technology

Making High-Tech Sales Work

 The Challenge

Paris-based SysperTec is an independent software vendor that specializes in mainframe application and platform revitalization, as well as counterparty risk management for financial services companies. SysperTec has been using Efficy CRM on its premises since 2012.

 The Solution

The company’s objective was to find a centralized tool that would facilitate the management of prospect and customer data in order to optimize sales, marketing activities, and customer service.

SysperTec began implementing Efficy CRM as a sales management tool. It was successively extended to Customer Service and then Marketing Management. Two-thirds of SysperTec’s employees, including 8 itinerant workers, currently use Efficy CRM on a daily basis.

 The results

The company, with a heterogeneous site consisting of an BM z10 mainframe, Windows and Linux servers, as well as an ESX virtual machine, values the solution’s ease of customization and its ability to add new functionalities, such as customer incident management.

“Efficy CRM is a complete, collaborative solution across multiple departments”, says Mr Yannick Szaranek, Customer Service Manager. “The central repository can be collaboratively updated, and is major source of time gain”.