Customers testimonials

CRM for insurance compagnies

  • Amma, the largest provider of Healthcare Professional Liability and General Liability Insurance solutions in Belgium. Click here to read the testimonial.



CRM for eCommerce and Marketing

  • Ixoconcept has more than 10 years of experience with fulfilment and concepts for loyalty, gifts and is also active in e-commerce. Click here to read the customer testimonial.





CRM for Chamber of Commerce :

  • Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry (BECI). Click here to read the customer testimonial.



CRM for Auctioneers

  • Troostwijk was founded in 1930, and has become the biggest industrial (online) auctioneer in Europe. Click here to read more.


CRM for agribusiness 

  • Corsendonk is the perfect example of a brewery that offers such top-class beverages to the world’s beer connoisseurs. Click here to read the full story.



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