Download the white paper “Succeed at your CRM project – The 12 question checklist”


Congratulations, you have decided set up a CRM software in your company!


Your CRM will soon become your most important customer relation tool.


It will allow you to optimise your customer capital.


It is the tool that will not only centralise your prospect and client data, but will also unite your employees and allow them to work more efficiently as part of a group as well as independently.


CRM will provide your employees with the means to reach their goals and to increase responsiveness.



To help you with your CRM project we have put together a checklist with the 12 questions you should ask yourself before choosing a CRM solution.


We have put together the most frequently asked questions by our clients in order to save you time…precisely Efficy’s philosophy!


I hope this checklist will help you to move forward in your decision-making.


Cédric Pierrard – Co-founder Efficy CRM –