Bringing Agility to the World of CRM

In today’s fast-moving world, the Efficy extendable CRM platform (xCRM) can support your organization’s unique needs.




The platform reaches data from virtually any source across any system through a consistent user interface – whether housed in mainframes, servers, legacy systems or PC networks.

Open Data Model

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The platform is based on a repository that centralizes all customer information. It also supports the sharing of documents and project information in real time.

The platform’s object entities are linked to each other, without any limits. The result of this ‘many to many relationship’ is fluid communication of sales, customer and project information throughout the enterprise. And also externally (customers, partners, stakeholders) via Portal functionnality.

You can also easily add entities that are specific to your organization to extend and integrate new features and data sources.

What’s more, Efficy is fully customizable. A unique Zero Maintenance architecture – with full version control — separates standard tables from customization. This simplifies upgrades and customizations, protecting your investment and reducing your total cost of ownership.


Open Deployment Model

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Efficy is available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution:

– Cloud hosting enables agile processing, deployment and scaling, with Efficy’s hosting infrastructure guaranteeing data security. Customers also benefit from the latest CRM software version.

– On-premise hosting enables you to choose how frequently you want to implement a new version.

And both models can be even mixed!

Last and not least, Efficy can combine several complementary types of users, whether they are using limited functionalities, or accessing the software concurrent, travelling a lot, only reading data or accessing data from the outside world via the Portal access. The result is a high flexibility that fits more easily to your investment constraints.


Open Mobility

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Efficy implements a “full responsive design” concept: as a result, it extends an app to work across other channels — including tablets and smartphones — as easily as pushing a button.

Efficy automatically detects what device is being used to access the platform, and self-adapts to the screen size in use.

What’s more, a “mobile” version is available for off-line use. The system automatically synchronizes the data when the mobile device is connected to the web again.

Also Efficy is fast based on the latest technologies. This makes Efficy accessible even at locations where Internet access is slow.


Open Set of Features

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Efficy offers a strong set of features, which cover all main business processes in the areas of marketing, sales, but also finance, project management and customer service. Another key feature is the integrated and powerful document management system.

And Efficy is also an open solution that’s based on standards. You can connect to third-party applications, such as ERP systems, HRM, BI, DMS, CMS, and administration software. Popular office applications like MS-Office™ and Lotus Notes™ are also easy to implement with Efficy CRM.

As Efficy is linked with your enterprise metadata, you can integrate and consolidate data from any system you have.

Open to The World

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Support for multiple languages enables the Efficy xCRM platform to scale internationally.

Fields are built to hold data in multiple languages, and interfaces can be translated. As a result, reports in a specific language do not affect an organization’s overall reporting.