Compete on Analytics

Efficy’s powerful database lets you organize, standardize and manipulate data so you can quickly understand business issues for better decision-making.

For example, you can leverage analytics to identify emerging trends, detect problems or opportunities as they arise, and take fast action.

A Clear Picture of Your Business

Mining your customer data provides you with in-depth insights. This means that you can not only make better strategic decisions, but also improve day-to-day decisions at the front lines of your business:

For example, Efficy lets you quickly track total revenue, forecasts, project profitability, and customer satisfaction:

. Data queries let you explore the contents of your database – without having to request IT assistance
. Dashboards and reports allow you to view historical and trending data via well-defined metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are specific to your organization.
. Visual business discovery tools from QlikView (our BI preferred partner), deliver continuous, real-time insights. Rich and interactive visualization lets you navigate through data with point-and-click ease to spot patterns and highlight deviations from intended levels of performance and effectiveness at the speed of light.

With this real-time data at hand, you can quickly assess the performance of marketing and sales channels, identify your most profitable customers and market segments, and target marketing offers and campaigns at them.