When Time is Money

For organizations that provide services that are based on recurring, fixed price, or time-based contracts, Efficy automatically reports on project status and expenditures — eliminating the need for time-consuming human intervention.

From Timesheet Management…

Efficy makes it easy for employees to enter hours worked, as well as supporting timesheet information.

In fact, much project data is automatically captured from calendars, emails and to-do task lists. A simple click lets users complement this captured information with additional entries, such as hours actually worked, vacation time, or travel expenses.

The Efficy Timesheet module automatically tracks such variables as completed tasks, hours that are allocated to a project, and number of hours worked versus plan. The result? A manageable process where timesheets are accurate and entered on time.

… To Customer Invoicing

As employee timesheet data is captured by Efficy, it also gets automatically reused as part of the invoicing process.

Efficy prepares invoices for billable work and submits them for approval, reducing manual effort and errors. As part of this process, you can also track project activities, such as project budget vs. actual, to prevent deviations from business plans.

Reminders are sent automatically, using predetermine templates. Once the invoices have been processed, they are automatically forwarded to the associated accounting and ERP applications, ensuring optimal use of time and energy.