Get More Marketing Impact

Efficy helps make the best use of your scarce marketing resources. We support a wide range of functions – from strategic planning and analytics, to lead generation and ROI assessment.

Real-Time Market Data at Your Fingertips

Get a 360° view of your customers across multiple channels and systems! Efficy provides a full view of the sales pipeline — including up-to-the-minute access to detailed customer data and lead intelligence.

You can easily view metrics, such as the average length of your sales cycle, the number of customers deferring their purchases, and your win rate by product line… The result is a clear picture of your organization’s performance and effectiveness.

Design and Execute Campaigns

Efficy automates operations for campaign planning and management – from email management to lead reporting – so you can launch campaigns faster.

You’ll appreciate the ability to quickly segment target audiences, manage single or multi-phase email and telemarketing campaigns, and create physical documents.

What’s more, Efficy’s dashboards and reporting let you rapidly measure, analyze and optimize your marketing return on investment.