How to spot in 10 seconds a bad sales person ?

How to spot in 10 seconds a bad sales person ?

1 – He is not punctual… whereas it is the first impression that counts !

2 – He has a poor presentation… whereas the customer first see how you look and act, before even seeing your products

3 – He act like he was “at home” in a customer meeting whereas he should seduce the customers with small gifts, true compliments, be attentive…

4 – He doesn’t speak very well in front of the customer… 

5 – He doesn’t listen to the customer and just try “to sell” and say his speech… whereas it is the customer who has to express his problem and be sure that the sales person has really understood what he really needs

6 – He talks mostly about the price of the solutions, whereas it is the benefits and the value for the customers that really matters

7 – He doesn’t know when to close a sale and continue to argue even when the customers gave signs of being agree to buy

8 – He is making hard selling, without hearing the customers main needs & arguments

9 – He is inflexible, and says the same speech to all customers… whereas all customers need to feel special & understood

10  – He is not making a good follow up of leads whereas it is more and more rare to close a sales on the spot

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