Work Together to Build Your Business

As the cornerstone of Efficy CRM, a central repository links all your objects, such as document types, emails, tasks, customer and vendor profiles.

This means you can easily coordinate project tasks, resources and vendors across your enterprise. Efficy CRM supports different types of projects, such as marketing, sales, event management, advertising, and other campaign activities.

We help you manage these projects from start to finish – from planning and allocating resources, to managing costs, timelines and vendors.

Analysis Made Easy

Reporting services give you consolidated visibility into your projects’ current states, resources and costs. Portfolios and dashboards with drill-downs provide detailed insights.
KPIs, statistics and diagrams, for example, let you track evaluation goals, campaigns, and team or personal achievements.

This result? Faster project timelines and on-time completion. This means more productivity, improved customer service, and lower costs.