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A Social Revolution

CRM Software will be more Social

In 2016, we saw a lot more CRM providers adding new social media features, whether that be tracking customer interactions or suggesting new contacts. Efficy has several successful cases to show, for example with an intuitive integration with Hootsuite, and the main social networks (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook…).

You can now stop splitting CRM and Social Media Relationship and think integrated.

Be Analytic

CRM Solutions Will Include Analytics Capabilities

Predictive analytics combined with CRM data gives marketers and salespeople the chance to learn, at a deeper level, customers’ habits to take the right decisions. These data analyses also mean personalized interactions, which lead to increased sales, better customer relationships and reduced churn rates.

Efficy CRM, with its analytics module, Qlik Sense, provides real-time dashboards based on the analysis of their data. Thanks to this very valuable information, Efficy customers are then able to know which kind of product or service their own customers are looking for.

Mobile First

Mobile CRM Device, a Must Have

Sales reps will rely on mobile CRM solutions to stay connected and in touch with their prospects and sales manager.

Thanks to real-time data, they will be in the know about everything from usage rates to open service tickets to breaking news about the prospect they’re about to contact. Efficy 10 is more than mobile-friendly. It has been developed to create a fluid and intuitive user experience.


Boost your sales and employee engagement

Gamification is the use of gaming techniques to create engagement and boost motivation. It also helps adopting and using a new software.

Efficy CRM already has its own gamified mobile app, Peak Me Up. In its upcoming versions, Efficy CRM will integrate gamified options like scores, leader boards, badges, and much more…


CRM solutions will be more vertical

Companies now realize how important it is to have a CRM solution that adapts to their needs and to their business activity. This is where Efficy’s custom options come into play. Efficy CRM is vertical by nature and, therefore, a fierce competitor to traditional CRM software.

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