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After-sales softwares allow the management of customer requests (tickets, feedbacks, assistance…). Here is how after-sales requests are being managed in Efficy CRM.

1 – An after-sales technician receives a request

This request can be made by phone, in which case the technician must add a new after-sales ticket to the list of ongoing after-sales requests.

The request can also be sent in one click in an e-mail

or directly on a customer or company record sheet

or from the customer extranet, which is functioning 24/7.

Requests can also be entered on a tablet (iPad…) by an after-sales technician, who can also receive after-sales requests on their tablet.

2 – The technician can then handle the request and fill in the incident or after-sales sheet (the ticket)

Several fields need to be filled in with information:

  • Reference
  • Type of incident
  • Status, etc.

Of course, these sheets are entirely customizable. Technicians can also add a text that explains the customer’s problem, or add attached documents (sent emails, screenshots, photos, PDFs of received mails…).

All information (actions, documents…) is centralized in the ticket (which is linked to a company). This makes it possible to keep track of the situation.

It is also possible to follow the history of what was done for this ticket.

3 – If the request is immediately solved, the ticket can be closed

If not, an action can be added (such as calling a collaborator, calling the customer back) or the case can be transferred to a more competent co-worker. .

If the after-sales request is solved, the client can then evaluate the quality of service.

4 – The technical support manager is able to follow their team’s work through dashboards

Dashboards about the number of open, ongoing… tickets.

But also about the evaluation of the quality of service by customers.

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