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The digital revolution has revolutionized the way we work, and nowhere is this more true than for sales. In the field, sales representatives need the right tools if they are to cope with the trials and tribulations of business and to be even more efficient. Among the many tools available, let’s focus on sales-oriented CRM solutions: how can the Customer Relationship of your outside sales representatives be digitalized?

CRM: a tool for recruiting, motivating and managing your sales teams

Multi-channel purchase journey, increasingly well-informed consumers, rising expectations in terms of user experience … There is no shortage of challenges!

Why use a CRM for your sales teams? CRM tools are designed to work in favour of two essential concepts. First of all, using these tools can foster collaborative work. The obvious benefit is that this promotes greater synergy between your inside and outside sales teams, and, by corollary, enhances productivity. Secondly, using the appropriate tool enables your sales teams to boost their business portfolio. How? It helps your sales reps in their day to day tasks by automating repetitive tasks, meaning they can dedicate more time to higher added value tasks.

The white Paper “Digitizing your outside sales” (published by Neotis Group in French) explains how modern tools can help you recruit, motivate and manage. Recruiting: because this symbolizes modernity for candidates. It is the proof that your company puts its money where its mouth is and invests in the tools that are needed to achieve its goals. ActionCo, French press group, indicates that for 8 out of 10 people, the level of technology of a company is a factor when considering a job offer. Motivating, because everybody can interact and comment on business events. Just as they might do on Facebook, your sales teams can challenge and encourage one another. Managing, because it gives you a centralized view of all the information you have at your disposal. This means you can be more agile, and leverage this data to adapt your action plans depending on the context. Not fully convinced yet? This is just the beginning! The benefits don’t end there …

CRM for sales: a real time saver

Your sales teams have to face constant pressure and juggle among many different imperatives: preparing their customer appointments, having up-to-date files, being on time, internal reporting obligations… Help them optimize their efforts by providing the right CRM tool.

But what exactly counts as a good CRM tool? A good tool is a one which can become the main ally of your sales teams. To help them in their day to day tasks, a good CRM tool must be mobile –  that is, available on Smartphones and/or tablets – and in addition, it must offer an offline mode. Equally important, it should support different uses from one medium to another. No matter how smart a smartphone actually may be, a mobile CRM must offer a lighter version of the software which is easily accessible, in a couple of clicks. There is no point in overloading screens with information they do not need.


To summarize, never forget that business depends on excellent customer knowledge. This means, of course, that a CRM software for your sales forces must be able to meet users’ needs. Whether on the road or working from the office, the features and uses needed are different. To increase your sales efficiency through the work of your field representatives, give them a CRM adapted to their business needs: 360° view, business monitoring, immediate access to information, up-to-date information, all of which is easy to find… You will be offering your teams the resources they need to anticipate, plan and manage their actions. All with one goal in mind: build revenue. What more could you ask for?

So, what are you waiting for to find the CRM solution you and your teams need? Have you checked out your current tools and are you sure they meet your business needs or those of your industry? Share your story with us!

Collaboration CRM tool Mobility Productivity
Arm your sales forces with a CRM to increase sales productivity
Arm your sales forces with a CRM to increase sales productivity