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This post was written by David Jiménez

They are a heyday for e-commerce. Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas and New Year, these are four occasions where the consumer flocks their gifts online. As an entrepreneur, large or small, you naturally also want to get a taste of this. Get the best deal on the e-commerce platform this Black Friday thanks to your CRM!

CRM the backbone for you e-commerce platform

Whether you like it or not, the American Black Friday madness has strongly anchored itself in Europe. The traditional idea behind Black Friday, being able to exchange unwanted gifts received on “Thanks Giving”, has long since ceased to apply. It is simply about bargains.

It is important that your e-commerce platform is adjusted in time to provide the “bargain” hunters with the right deals. The normal webshop and website must showcase Black Friday with the right deals for your customers and future customers. But how do you know which deals are suitable for your customers? Your CRM gives you all the answers. Thanks to the data in your CRM you know exactly which customer has bought what from you on your e-commerce platform over a certain period. Thanks to smart queries, you can generate the necessary reports with a few clicks to determine which products are eligible for interesting deals.

Additionally, you can also consult your stock. You can see which products are still in surplus and decide if you want to be rid of them as quickly as possible because the new collection will arrive next month. Here too your CRM helps you to make an accurate inventory and to put the right products at the right price as a Black Friday deal in the digital shop window.

Targeted marketing campaigns

Now that you have thrown your deals on the e-commerce platform, your CRM helps you to go to the next step. After all, you can have a beautiful showcase of your business and product with the best Black Friday deals, but if nobody knows that you have these deals, you will never sell them. It sounds like logic itself. Use your CRM to do targeted marketing campaigns. If you go through the following steps, it cannot go wrong anymore.

Segmenting the customer database

Not every customer is interested in every deal, so it is important to segment the customer database based on interest. In your CRM you can do this using the interest management function It is important that you give each segment a unique interest label. Why is important to do this? This is what we’ll explain in the next step.

Newsletter based on interest labels

Whether you have two or ten segments, it is certainly not necessary to prepare an equivalent to newsletters. This is where interest labels come in. You can create one long newsletter, but make each item visible for a specific segment with the interest label you have given it. For example, your customers who are only interested in convertibles (if you are a car dealer) will not see the deals for SUVs. In this way, you can reach all your customers with one mailing tailored to their interests. We give you an extra tip to have (at least) two deals / items per target group. Why is important to do this? This is what we’ll explain in the last step.

Automate the marketing campaigns

The marketing campaign has been sent, the last thing you are now waiting for is to do a follow-up of this campaign because you want to be able to process all orders. Black Friday is only one day, so it will be hectic to process all orders quickly and correctly. Fortunately, you can count on marketing automation in your CRM. Use the workflow to send a reminder email to your customers who have not opened the mail, or to automatically send a new mailing with the other offer that you have prepared.

The months of November and December are hectic months in the retail and e-commerce platforms, but also the months in which you can achieve or even exceed your sales figures. Therefore, make optimum use of all the tools available to you. Thanks to your CRM and the above step-by-step plan, you get the best deal from Black Friday on your e-commerce platform.

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