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Discover how the Big Data module of Efficy CRM allows you to process and analyse your data in a smart way

One of the new features of Efficy 10 is its Big Data module. This module was designed to process and analyse, in an intelligent way, all the key information your CRM (and your ERP) holds. Below is a sample of the dashboards you can find by default in Efficy CRM.

Commercial dashboard

With the analytical features of Efficy CRM, it is very easy to visualise your daily, monthly or annual turnover per region or even per country. On top of these criteria, other filters can be applied and combined such as product filters, geographical zone filters, or profit margin per sale filters. These help you get better insight into your data.

Sales Analysis 2 bis

Analyse your incidents

Reports about incidents (customer complaints) can also be produced. You can for example evaluate the number of incidents received over a certain period. These reports can be modified to highlight what the complaints were about.

Cases Performance - Filtering

All this information is of course very profitable to the development of your products and services, which will be perfectly adjusted to the needs of your customers.


Cases Management

Get better insight into your sales and your sales reps

This particular dashboard enables you to generate an overview of all the sales per agent or per customer category. With this, you can easily understand who your best commercials are, and where they perform the best. This dashboard also makes it possible to simplify your sales KPI, so that they are very easy to read and interpret.

Account Receivable Analysis

Big Data even more flexible than you thought

Numerous dashboards are of course available, it all depends on your needs. Don’t forget that, in addition to being intelligent, Efficy CRM is also mobile. This is why all our dashboards are also available on your mobile phone, at any time, and with up-to-date data.

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