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Gamification makes use of gaming techniques to inspire your salespeople to surpass themselves. You can reach your goals and galvanise your teams!

What is gamification and what is it for?

Gamification is the use of gaming mechanisms to motivate teams. It is the new method of motivation for commercial teams. Gamification is an underlying trend which, according to some studies, might amount to 5.5 billion by 2018.

Gamification uses gaming methods and levers to encourage sales teams to reach or even surpass their targets. For team managers, it is also a way to coach their teams more efficiently. For senior managements, gamification provides a clearer and simpler vision of their business.

In order to get there, gamification transposes gaming mechanics to the “a priori non-playful” world of corporate interactions. It aims to create excitement, which will generate more efficiency and results, or more simply to maintain motivation over time.

Gamification is already being used in sports, in education… And it is developing at full speed in the corporate world, as the generation Y is coming of age.

We all know it, motivation makes you move mountains and surpass your goals. However, most companies struggle to motivate their sales teams, and when challenges are organized, the results are often disappointing. Beyond sales team, you can also use gamification techniques in a network environment.

And yet, when they are correctly implemented, these new methods can generate double-digit productivity gains. Belfius recorded a productivity increase of over 20% in 4 months only.

Belfius case study

120 agents were already using Peak Me Up, and 3600 others started using it on January 1st 2017 after encouraging results were obtained. All the actions operated in the bank were integrated: opening a bank account, selling an insurance policy, etc. All these actions give points to the agents who perform them, and Belfius regularly launches challenges to boost their sales teams.

The first agencies who started using Peak Me Up were located in Liège. On top of a 24% increase in productivity, the app also caused an improvement in communication between sales managers and their agents. Thanks to Peak Me Up, managers can see, in real time, the evolution of sales and are able to time their visits according to the needs of their agents.

Peak Me Up also made the sales team performance more consistent. It was indeed quickly pointed out that teams weren’t as productive at the end of the week; thanks to this observation, sales managers were able to launch more challenges at that period to make productivity more stable. As a result, the global profitability of all agencies was improved.

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