Campain Module of Efficy CRM

Campaign Module of Efficy CRM

With the Campaign Module of Efficy CRM, you launch email campaigns and do relevant audience segmentation

To be more efficient and reduce costs, Efficy CRM enables you to launch emailing campaigns directly from your database. Thanks to the Interests module of Efficy CRM, you can automatically divide your customers or prospects into segments in order to better adapt your communication to their needs and common interests.

You can also decide to segment your customers manually according to your selected filters: age, active or non active customers, region, recent purchased product, last invoice, etc.

Indeed, by using a query (a research tool), you can find in your database all the contacts that correspond to your filters, save them into a group and then launch a campaign according to the profile of this very group.

Efficy CRM also manages multi-channels campaigns (emailing, letters, sms). You can also customize your email and documents in an easy and automatic way.

With Efficy CRM, the quality of organized telemarketing campaigns is guaranteed as the qualification of your leads and prospects becomes intuitive: instant emails and documents can be sent to these qualified leads while its contact file can be quickly passed on to your sales representative.

You have a clear view on which lead has been subjected to a marketing campaign.

You can also see if this lead has positively answered to your campaign (if he/she confirmed his/her participation to your event, if he subscribed to your newsletter), you can always track the progress status of each of your campaigns and you can right assess which campaign should be boosted or improved.

Once your campaign has been launched, Efficy CRM enables you to analyse your results in a detailed way.

In one click, you get your results report and discover all the information you need to improve your campaign: the number of people who opened your email, who clicked on your links, who unsubscribed, who forwarded the email...

In Conclusion

Efficy CRM maximizes targeting and market acquisition thanks to the following features

  • Management of Communication Campaigns (emailing, letters, phone)

  • Segmentation and targeting

  • Management of Marketing actions (promotion actions, invitation to events, etc.)

  • Management of your website (request for information, subscription to an event, optin forms)