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Extract information from your database and share it with key collaborators

Nowadays, with the multiplication of networks (intranet, extranet, internet, social media) and business programmes, sources of information have proliferated in your enterprise cloud. The analysis of this environment, that is getting still richer and, above all, more complex, has thus become even harder.

It is crucial for growing companies to know how to extract information from their databases, and to be able to process them and share them with key collaborators.

Choose a powerful tool

Companies are made up of a series of elements that are dynamically evolving together. When, at each opportunity, you link these elements to one another, a solid core starts to emerge. This is what we call “corporate memory”, and it can be compared to an atom around which a series of elements are gravitating.


In this way, you are growing the central memory of your organisation, your very own corporate memory. Efficy CRM is the cement that turns your company into a rigid and solid structure.

The reason for this is simple: Efficy was created for this purpose. There is a specific module designed for each part of the system, and each of these modules are linked to one another.

The very high level of centralisation is the main asset of this software package. Thanks to this approach, your collaborators can get the maximum with minimum effort.

These modules are:

Agenda Module : share the agendas of collaborators

Contacts Module : all collaborators can edit, modify and read all the customer contact files

Company Module : all your collaborators can edit, modify and read all your company contact files

Tasks Module : create tasks and share them with all your collaborators

File Module: create shared files between teams to follow up on your projects

Incidents Module : all your collaborators can manage customer incidents

E-mail : all your emails are saved in Efficy, so you can follow the customer relationship from up-close

Document Module : save all your documents and make them available for all your collaborators

To see the complete list of our modules, visit this page.

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