Efficy CRM Contacts Module

Efficy CRM Contact Module

Efficy CRM Contacts Module

Expect the best service for your customers

How often is an e-mail sent to the wrong person? How often does someone call a customer and then notice that his/her colleague has just called to ask the same thing?

What company does not face duplicates, superficial or poor work? How many times have you called your customer to ask, once again, the VAT number?

Those kinds of mistakes are very numerous and happen on a regular basis. You are probably not aware of all of them but it can dramatically damage the image of your organization and that of your colleagues. This is why Efficy CRM is the best solution to handle those problems, so do not hesitate any longer.

Examples of Situations

Situation #1

Imagine you are working on a customer's project and your colleague is working on a project with a branch of the company of this same customer. Thanks to the many-to-many relationships of Efficy CRM , you can link the parent and daughter companies so that you are both kept informed of each other's work.
Or maybe you have a key contact who works for two different companies? No problem, you can link as many companies to a single contact as you desire.

Situation #2

This is the end of post-its and business cards you loose in a bag or pocket. No need to complain to your colleagues about misreading the key contact of the company again. You have no more excuses with Efficy CRM. Saving personal data is so easy and fast that it becomes a reflex action.

Be it a customer, a prospect, a supplier, partner, etc. Efficy CRM gathers all the information. You save all types of information (adresses, phone numbers, LInkedIn profile, title, job function….)

Very handy. First for you but also for your colleagues who will then benefit from those pieces of information if they need to get in touch with the customer.

Situation #3

Thanks to Efficy CRM's 'History' feature and all the other modules (Campaigns, Documents, E-mails, Products, Images, etc.), you get to link everything together and get a detailed view on the relationship you and your colleagues have and have had with a customer/company. If something has happened while you were away, Efficy CRM will tell you everything you need to know and you will find out at a glance.

Indeed, all linked information will be found in your contact detailed file: documents (contrats, offers, invoices, etc.), campaigns, opportunities, e-mails sent or received, purchased products, etc. In other words, the whole history of your customer relationship is within reach and is presented in a clear and readable way.