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CRM Cloud or CRM On Premise?

Before buying a CRM, be sure that it is accessible through on-site installation and through the cloud:

Hosting through the cloud allows for agile treatment, deployment and development whilst relying on CRM’s hosting infrastructure to guarantee the security of your data. In addition, you will benefit from the most up to date version of the CRM software.

The on-site installation allows you to choose the frequency of software updates.

And both models can even be combined!

Last but not least, multiple users can be combined, each having limited access to specific complementary features.

In addition, multiple users can have access simultaneously (competitor mode), whilst on the go (offline or mobile mode), in read only mode, or remotely using a portal.

This results in a highly flexible tool that adapts easily to the constraints of your investment.

So be sure that the CRM software systems on your shortlist meet all your business & financial needs.