This post was written by David Jiménez

Regardless of the industry you’re working in, developing and maintaining quality relationships with your customers should remain one of the core factors of your business success.
In this article we’d like to show you an example of a solution that we brought to our client who needed a solution which could improve its collaboration and its information exchange among its different sales channels at the regional and national level.

What was the problem to solve?

Our client was in need of a solution that could create better synergy and integration among co-workers in their daily job. The primary objectives were to work collaboratively, to gain efficiency and agility, to have a better knowledge of their customers and to achieve better targeting. From a strategic point of view, they wanted to give customized offers and to put data at the center of their business development.

And this is where a Customer Relation Management (CRM) solution brings competitive advantage as a CRM system collects and organizes your current customer data and, — more importantly — it helps you gather such data, and reach out to audiences you had no idea would be interested in your product or service.

What are their main reasons for choosing a CRM?

Identify and remove inefficient practices

In a previous blog article we wrote a few weeks ago we saw that many customers were not always satisfied with the interactions they have with the brand and our client saw the same thing with their customers. There are several solutions to improve satisfaction. Mainly it’s important to define methods, best practices and to automate these approaches in order to track and manage customer activities.

If you have a good CRM you will eliminate these inefficient practices, decrease manual errors and activities with little or non-added values. The result will also be that it will allow your business to increase its productivity.

Turn customer data into revenue intelligence

Here there are 3 important things to take into account. First, you need to learn how your customers accept and evaluate your services. Second, with a CRM you can create standard and custom reports that help your team to understand and evaluate customer relations.
Third data also provide a clear insight into the health of each operation, the performance of each agent, and the overall sustainability of your relationship management strategy.

Make customer data available to all co-workers

Data standardized in a CRM is key to keep all relevant details in a place (e.g. via report) from where all agents can access them. This was particularly important for our client who has co-workers in different sales channels at the regional and national levels.

Track performance of your employees

If you’re a manager or if you want to report to your Executive Management, thanks to this centralization of information you will also be able to analyze how your employees are performing. It will also allow you to develop intelligent strategies on how to assign leads and tasks in the future.
Again, this is a productivity gain for our customers as they can try to analyze which regional level is working the most and how to reproduce or adapt their projects and daily work.

What are their main reasons to choose a CRM?


You need to choose a software which will be in line with your priorities to achieve your business goals.


  • Take a service will allow you to use it in different ways for example, on cloud or on premise and as an API or turnkey
  • Select a CRM which is transparent and open to share with you some aspects of its technology so that you can understand and adapt it to your needs
  • You need to have access to customer support via several communication channels (Phone, emails, Live support via Teamviewer for example…)

Care (and pay attention to your needs)

  • Take a CRM which is able to grow with your business
  • Consider customization & personalized services as a must

So, are you convinced? Ready to start your CRM project? Request a free demo here 🙂

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