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DEFICOM, customer of Efficy

Customer Testimonial: Deficom

About Deficom & FISA

FISA is part of the Deficom group, which specialises in communication, media and events.

The company organises fairs, exhibitions and networking events intended for a Belgian audience.

They organise events in Belgium, but also in other countries.

Initial needs for a CRM

The starting point was replacing the former CRM "Our former CRM worked for us for a dozen years. We had the choice of either upgrading to the new version, or changing everything. We were asking the right questions!”.

Proximity and service was a key element of reflection. “We were particularly dissatisfied with the service because our CRM was edited by an American company with a branch in Germany. We hope for proximity, accessible and available service to help us in configuring and evolving the CRM solution in line with the evolution of our business”.

The main reasons for choosing Efficy

The decision was made after careful consideration “We have made comparisons between the major market players. There were many American solutions available, but we were hoping more for proximity.

In addition, we wanted to work with a dynamic company, and produce while changing with the times".

The relevance of the offer to the profession of exhibition organiser was one of the main reasons behind the choice.

"François Stasse gave us several presentations in order to convince the different departments of the relevance of Effigy to manager their activity. This presentation phase to key contributors and managers enabled us to have internal approval of the solution.”

The openness towards desktop tools was also of the key points.

"What also interested us about Efficy, is its integration with Office, particularly Outlook and Word, but also with the Flexmail eMailingsolution. All these tools have proved their worth, and are integrated perfectly in Efficy!

What’s good is that Efficy doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, and focuses on its functions, instead of recreating Word…”