Case study CRM for entrepreneur company: Impulse Brussels
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Impulse Brussels and Efficy CRM: Case study CRM for entrepreneur company

About Impulse Brussels

In this interview you can find Catherine Jansen’s testimony of CRM use at Impulse Brussels.

Impulse Brussels helps businesses with both the development phase, but also in growing their activity (innovation, exports, their positioning…).

Impulse’s goal was to keep track of records of businesses that it was monitoring.

Thus, during each meeting with a customer, Impulse Brussels has a perspective of the revenue evolution, action already taken…

Another aim is to encourage businesses to ask for help as soon as they need it, or to take part in training, workshops… organised regularly.

In terms of Impulse internally, the aim was also to share information about businesses, but also to optimise collaborative working (shared calendars & files, project management…).

Impulse and Efficy CRM

Choosing Efficy was natural, because Efficy is one of the businesses that has been guided by Efficy from the beginning, and so Impulse and Efficy have grown together.

The main contributions of CRM are:

– Sharing information in the company.

– Reporting on action taken. Because, although Impulse’s service are free, it’s necessary to report on action taken.

– Increased productivity, because now everyone is more efficient thanks to CRM

The next evolution for CRM Efficy at Impulse will be:

– The implementation of advanced reporting using QlickView technology

– Optimising Marketing campaigns via Flexmail, for increased efficiency and targeting.

– Sharing information with other institutions in the Brussels Region