Case study CRM for federation: Beci Federation and Efficy CRM
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Beci and Efficy CRM: Case study CRM for federation

About BECI

One-to-One Marketing with Efficy is a runaway success at Brussels Chamber of Commerce Beci.

Founded in 1703, the Brussels Chamber of Commerce is one of the oldest Chambers on the European Continent.

Housed in the smart Avenue Louise shopping district, the Brussels Chamber successfully caters for over 3,000 companies and organizations based in the Brussels region.

Olivier Willocx, managing director of the Chamber:

“Our mission is to support our members’ business development through advice, training, lobbying and offering a dedicated international outreach to stimulate the regional economy of the Brussels region – one of Belgium’s growth engines.”

“We organize for example some 130 events per year of which three attract each over 1,000 participants. The Chamber is truly one of the key networking places of the Capital of Europe.

The combination of our activities and the active participation of our members make us a communications platform of the first order that is highly respected by the political and diplomatic establishments, the international institutions in Brussels and the social partners.

This is no rocket science but the proper execution of our business strategy.”

One-to-one Marketing

Olivier Willocx: “Historically, we have moved from mass marketing to direct marketing, and now to one-to-one marketing. And, marketers are changing their practice of company-centric database marketing to customer-centric one-to-one marketing. Our main operational duties today at the Chamber are focused on professional networking.”

One-to-one marketing is about individuals. Communicating with, selling, and servicing individuals by providing a unique and valuable personal experience.

One-to-one marketing is a philosophy of understanding a customer’s needs through asking questions and really listening to the answers, as well as through observing their actions.

With direct marketing, marketers target customers so they can communicate more at less cost.

With a one-to-one strategy, marketers focus on what the customer wants to buy rather than what the company wants to sell. This meets the customer’s needs and helps the customer become comfortable doing business with you.