Case study CRM for insurance industry: Chubb Ace and Efficy CRM
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Chubb Ace and Efficy CRM: Case study CRM for insurance company

About CHUBB (Ace European Group)

The Paris office of the CHUBB (merged with ACE European Group Limited) insurance company specializes in complex enterprise risk programs, as well as accident and health insurance for individuals.

The company sells its products via a network of insurance brokers.

It currently employs 220 employees, 80 of whom use Efficy CRM daily.

In 2005, the firm implemented Efficy CRM to differentiate itself from competitors in a largely flat insurance market.

Its objective was to grow sales through more efficient segmentation of its customer base, improved cross-selling, and highly targeted offers.

Specifically, the company uses Efficy CRM to segment markets based on the prospect’s type of activity and profile, as well as to manage contacts and agendas.

The solution was rapidly up-and-running.

Within a couple of months, the system was customized in order to collect daily data flows from the company’s disparate systems.

The company values the repository as a single source of data that is easy to update.

This centralized information is shared across departments.

According to Pascal Evaux, Senior Business Analyst and Data Mining Manager, “Efficy CRM is extremely simple, effective and customizable. The simplicity and quality of the links that interconnect objects, in particular, make Efficy stand out from other CRM solutions”.

As the company migrates from Blackberry to iPhone mobile devices, it is currently considering Efficy CRM’s mobile offering, in order to benefit from 2-way remote database synchronization capabilities over wireless links.