Case study CRM for media: Auxipress Press and Efficy CRM
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Auxipress Press and Efficy CRM: Case study CRM for media

About Auxipress

Auxipress is the Belgian leader in press monitoring, press analyzing, and brand monitoring.

The company has existed for around 100 years, and whereas the basis of the work has remained the same, the career has developed with the emergence and gained importance of new media.

In fact, the company activity currently includes media analysis (e.g. market impact, communication results etc.) as well as the management of social media.

Furthermore, Auxipress monitors and analyzes the following media in great detail:

-The written press
-Information websites
-TV and radio
-Social media, etc.

Auxipress is in a way an “intelligent Google” aimed at markets that want to know what visibility they have in global media.

What were your initial requirements?

The CRM project wanted to replace any unsatisfactory CRM.

According to Thierry Cornez, administrator and COO of Auxipress, the CRM in place was not meeting the expected objectives.

“The information was being scattered between different platforms, different files…whereas the objective was to centralize information. The heart of the project was therefore to improve centralization of data.“

Another important element was to put in place processes to save time and develop more accurate monitoring.

The requests mainly came from the commercial team.

“The principal objective is to serve the commercial teams, who are seeking new prospects, but also to help the farming team, which is in place to look after the current client base “.

Another important requirement was mobility

Auxipress wanted an accessible mobile solution, both online and offline.

“We didn’t want to have to wait to get back to the office before receiving information anymore. Mobility features was an important factor for us.” stated Thierry Cornez.

Why did we choose Efficy CRM?

The choice wasn’t made on a whim “We took the time to consult multiple publishers. Efficy CRM was the software that offered the interface with the most positive feedback from the team.

The interface is clear and functional, and everyone who has seen the interface is convinced of its merits. The software is simple and clear, and the features are evident ”
recalls Thierry Cornez.

The second factor for making our choice was the geographical proximity. ”

We are 50 people in Brussels, we wanted to find a company of the same size, and not big leaders with whom we would not have the same relationship.

Moreover, the offer was made directly by Efficy, which was more reassuring. With Efficy, we deal directly with the publisher and not with a reseller“.

Finally, the possibilities for adapting the product to the activities of Auxipress were an important factor.

What are the future developments that you hope to implement in your CRM?

In the future, Auxipress aims to implement an invoicing tool into the CRM as currently the company uses a separate tool. But the objective is to integrate everything into the same unified system.