Efficy offers a CRM solution with extended features specifically designed for SMBs

Do you need a CRM solution with adapted functionalities to develop your business and support your growth? Efficy CRM for SMBs is here for you.

Our CRM solutions adapt to the particular context of SMBs by offering a one-stop-shop to manage customer relations from start to finish.

Centralised contact data; history of interactions; opportunity management; marketing actions; document management: all these features are combined in our CRM solutions.

The challenges of CRM for SMBs

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    Optimise prospecting

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    Develop marketing

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    Share information

Professionalising your prospect/customer management

With Efficy CRM solutions, your sales representatives can focus on what matters most: identifying potential customers; establishing a relationship of trust; preparing proposals; monitoring ongoing opportunities; designing sales dashboards; setting up appointments with customers; etc. Low value-added tasks are automated: reminders; administrative tasks; etc.
Your CRM solution is interfaced with the everyday tools used by the business (calendar, messaging, office automation) to promote its use.

Launching your first marketing actions

Send a mass email, organise an event, segment the database to plan a specific action, etc.

With Efficy CRM, you have a tool capable of supporting your marketing campaigns, from lead detection through to conversion. Best of all, you can measure the ROI of each of your actions.

CRM: an enterprise tool

Efficy CRM goes further than just helping you in managing your customer relations, by facilitating the management of your documents and schedules.

With Efficy’s CRM solutions for SMBs, documents are centralised in the database and can be viewed at any time.

External documents, such as invoices, can also be managed directly from Efficy CRM. Handy for an SMB, don’t you think?

Measure your performance

Thanks to Efficy CRM’s reporting features, you can easily monitor the company’s performance: business monitoring; marketing ROI; after-sales performance measurement; etc.

Efficy CRM offers a great number of standard dashboards to support your growth.

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