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This post was written by David Jiménez

The holiday period has just arrived. This is the period that everyone is looking forward to. You will turn on the “out of office”, get the necessary vitamin D and reload it for the intensive final months of the year. Thanks to your CRM you can face the holiday period with confidence. At the same time, this holiday period also offers the possibility to optimize your CRM.


Use CRM functionalities during your vacation period

During your holiday period you primarily want peace and quiet, but at the same time as a sales manager you also don’t want to miss out on leads. If you’re a marketer you also don’t want to be ‘invisible’ for a long period with your customers and prospects. Finally, when you are part of a team, sales and marketing campaigns can be followed up by colleagues. Unfortunately, it still happens that sales and especially marketing is in the hands of one person. Don’t worry, your CRM offers a solution!


Communicate transparently and offer solutions

Nothing is better than activating that “out of office”, but when you do it, do you also communicate clearly to your customers and prospects in your “out of office”? Just reporting that you are absent is not customer-friendly and unprofessional towards potential customers.. Zorg dat je ‘out of office’ minstens de volgende informatie bevat:

  1. Period of absence.
  2. Indication whether or not the email is automatically forward to a colleague.
  3. Refer to a contact person, not a generic mailbox, as an alternative


Use a workflow to organize your emails in your CRM

How annoying it is to lose the first working day cleaning up your mailbox on your return. Create workflows to avoid getting back to vacation after seeing your mailbox. Here are some examples:

  1. Create a workflow in Outlook that automatically classifies newsletters in a specific folder.
  2. Create a workflow in Outlook that brings emails from physical contacts into the CRM.
  3. Create a workflow in the CRM that ensures that emails from known contacts are linked and that a follow-up task is created.
  4. Create a workflow in the CRM that ensures that a new task is created from unknown contacts.

When you will come back your first task will be to look at your CRM, handle the tasks and you’ll see after that your mailbox is only going to be a matter of classification.


Use CRM functionalities after your vacation period

The holiday period is traditionally a quiet period and this is precisely at this moment that there are opportunities to take a lead on the competition for the last hectic months of the year.


Take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere

It is generally a known fact that vitamin D is good for body and soul. During the summer period, everyone is more relaxed and since nobody is on vacation for two full months, this is the time to meet prospects, customers and suppliers in their most relaxed state. To open a conversation with the question of what the holiday has been like is a much nicer opening.


Clean up your CRM database

The holiday period is also the ideal moment to take a closer look at your CRM database. Duplicate contacts, expired opportunities, sleeping leads… Use this period to put the database in order.


Prepare your promotions after the holidays.

Sales and marketing campaigns are still too often ad hoc, not enough prepared due to lack of time or without further follow-up actions. The holiday period offers you the opportunity to prepare the sales and marketing campaigns that you want to expand the rest of the year peacefully:

  1. After you cleaned your database, segment your database.
  2. Work out a step-by-step plan for your sales and / or marketing campaigns and events for the rest of the year.
  3. Consider impactful and follow-up content
  4. Send in advance the “save the dates” for your events, “own” those calendars!
  5. Do small-scale, one-off, low-threshold, snackable promotions during the summer period to remain ‘in the picture’.


Use this moment well, but above all enjoy your vacation period

The holiday period is usually a quiet period, but that does not mean a useless period. Communicate clearly to your contacts, prospects and make sure you don’t miss a lead by making optimal use of your CRM functionalities. Take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere to take advantage of your sales opportunities, to clean up and segment your CRM database and to gain a competitive edge by already preparing your sales and marketing campaigns and events for the rest of the year. But above all, enjoy that well-deserved vacation.

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