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In times of crisis, we are forced to do things differently. In our previous blog post, we gave several tips to organize and maintain your homeworking as well as possible. This time we go a step further and look at how you can optimally organize yourself as a company to facilitate remote cooperation as well as possible and how CRM is essential during homeworking to keep the internal operations running.

Focus on internal communication

The chat at the coffee machine, just visiting a colleague from another department, exchanging ideas with your manager… It all seemed normal until you have got “sentenced” to homeworking for a longer period of time. Keeping in touch with colleagues is not only important for cooperation, but also for mental health.

Make sure your employees have access to communication tools. Zoom, or another video conference platform, an internal messenger system, a cellphone subscription for every employee (be sure to set up a corporate WhatsApp group!) And if the company has a complete CRM solution: make active use of the dashboard. We will come back to this later.

The difficulties to communicate with each other should be as low as possible. Employees must continue to understand the goals and usefulness of their work to stay motivated and provide the best service to customers. And yes, a chat about the latest news is also part of that.

CRM is necessary for internal cohesion during homeworking

CRM solution is, of course, a tool that should serve the customer optimally. You can find many posts about this on our blog. The philosophy of a CRM solution, and especially the one from Efficy CRM, is the 360 ° customer view by linking all entities and sharing information to improve cooperation among departments.

‘Business as usual’

Thanks to a CRM solution, all contacts, companies, documents, sales opportunities, sales funnels, etc. are all in the cloud. In other words, nothing is stored on local laptops anymore. This means that everyone from his or her home has the same most recent data and therefore never has to ask “am I doing something useful?”. The business processes, projects and follow-up of prospects can continue as if nothing has changed.

Data Protection

In addition, another important aspect is key to keep in mind: GDPR. As an employee, you do not want to have your laptop hacked and sensitive data stolen when you are working from home. After all, you are on your home network. Thanks to a CRM solution, the data is in the cloud.

Internal communication

We have already mentioned it earlier, internal communication is extremely important for long-term and large-scale homeworking. A complete CRM solution has a dashboard, which may or may not is set by the users themselves. We recommend that as a company you place the internal communication widget on the dashboard as a “sticky note”. In this way, it is possible to inform everyone in the same uniform manner about important and also less important matters, at the same time.

Think about the future

At the moment it is all hands on deck. Keeping the business running in the best possible way. The future is still far away. As soon as “the dust” starts to settle down, it may be advisable to evaluate the effect and see if it can be continued for the future. By this, we obviously do not mean permanent homeworking, but finding a healthy balance between telecommuting and the office, between private and work. Think of the many advantages: less stressed employees, smaller office space required, fewer traffic jams…

It is now that employees, internal processes, CRM and homeworking are tested to the maximum of their capabilities. Everything that follows through a considered strategy and implementation is then much easier. Does your company not yet have a CRM solution? Request an online demo.

Give confidence and keep track of your employees

Finally thanks to a CRM, you can easily follow all sales funnels, sales sides, and business processes during this time of long homeworking. At least as important is that as a manager you also keep track of your employees. Call them regularly to know how they are doing and we don’t mean with the sales figures, but act with them as people, as partners, as parents. Give them the confidence that you will get through these times together and before you know it the first free mob (Friday afternoon drink) will be back!

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