Join Efficy Diving Academy

Customers who invest in training report more than 50% ROI on their Efficy investment.

This is why Efficy Diving Academy presents a broad array of training sessions to empower your people with the skills and knowledge they need to get the most of Efficy CRM.

The How-To Training Program to Boost Your Performances

Efficy Diving Academy has built a program through which you can evolve level by level, training after training! It way it works is very intuitive. First, choose the training session that best suits the needs of your business activity (the training sessions Efficy (Quick) Essentials + Extended Usage are compulsory).

Take your diving test, get your diving certificate and move to the next level. There are plenty of interesting training sessions: the more you know about your Efficy CRM, the easier it is to make the most of it!

Our training sessions adapted to your needs

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Level 2
Level 3