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This post was written by David Jiménez

What if this special time was the perfect opportunity to take your Customer Relationship to the next level? In these times of crisis, benevolence is visible everywhere on social networks and solidarity initiatives are flourishing. Every media, every company gives its content for free. You can attend operas and ballets in your living room, visit museums online, watch classics from your sofa, listen to oldies without moving from home, not to mention free Swedish gym classes on Facebook. And if companies took the opportunity to open their libraries, too.

Give your customers your content for free

I’m pretty sure you have content that you could share with your customers, prospects, partners. Whether it’s white papers, webinars, videos, tutorials, etc., I’m pretty sure you’ve got content you can share with your customers, prospects, partners. All the content that you usually use to carry out your inbound marketing actions, promote it! One question: do I have to give this content away for free? I mean REALLY free or do I have to put a download form? We asked ourselves this question at Efficy and we decided to open everything in our weekly notebook. People are working from home, maybe they have more time to read, to get information, to do some sleep… Let’s help them to stay busy! And maybe one day they will remember what we have done for them. Or they won’t. But like John Wanamaker said,

“Half the money I spend on advertising is useless; the problem is, I don’t know which half.”

This must probably be the case with all the marketing actions you undertake.

Adapt your content

Are you used to organizing webinars? Keep this habit and adapt the content of what is said there. At Efficy, we have organized a webinar on “How to use your CRM in teleworking”. “but also “How to sell from your couch” (all visible on our YouTube channel). And it will be an opportunity to insist on collaborative functions and to give some advice on how to approach teleworking. Concerning webinars, why not increase the frequency, try new themes, more technical or on the contrary more generic and not more focused on your product?

Do you publish a blog article every week? Keep writing! But adapt your themes. For example, we wrote one to give advice on how to organize homeworking.

Make your customer relationship more personal and more… digital

As you have seen (more or less harshly), we can no longer leave our homes. So you have to create, develop and maintain your relationships from home. Since we are an IT company, we are rather used to using IT tools, but do we all have the same level? Of course, the answer is no. That’s why we have organized an internal session ‘How to become a digital ambassador for your brand? ». We know that social selling has become a new way of selling.

This new way of speaking for our employees on social networks, we have also thought of implementing it at the company level. In the same spirit of making our content accessible for free, we also invite our clients, prospects and partners to participate in our yoga and sports sessions (links are available in our notebook). Indeed, seeing us in another context, seeing them in jogging/sneakers, allows everyone to make the customer relationship more personal, more friendly, more intense. And isn’t that what we are all looking for, to live moments, experiences with our customers?

Customer experience Customer loyalty marketing
Blog customer relationship another level
COVID-19: Let’s take our Customer Relationship to another level
Blog customer relationship another level
COVID-19: Let’s take our Customer Relationship to another level