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This post was written by David Jiménez

A good product, a competitive price, and a large assortment. Often the first things that come to mind when striving for a satisfied customer. However, the customer journey continues after the purchase of the product and customer service is essential in this. So why would you save on the necessary tools for your customer service employees? CRM is a profit for the customer, employees and customer service.

CRM as the beating heart of your customer service

Just as an engine is a beating heart for your car, a CRM is a beating heart for your customer service. Customer Relationship Management must be managed. The customer buys a product, and then what? The customer can be satisfied with the product and the service you provide but still want to leave. Or the customer can be unsatisfied and returns to you with a complaint, directly through customer service, or in the worst case: in public via social media with a damning review or a bad comment. In each scenario, you must interact with the customer and preferably proactively. Do not let it get to the point where you will lose the customer, or he or she will come back to you angrily, but be assertive and approach the customer to know everything has been satisfactory.

However, this is only possible with the help of a specialized customer service tool, namely a CRM. Thanks to a CRM you have the customer data from lead to sale in your possession. As a result, your customer service employees know the complete history: what the customer has purchased, when, where (online/offline), with whom they have already been in contact, or if something has been returned…

Contacting and knowing the customer has never been easier. You have the ammunition, now you should actively approach the customer and in a personal way. A client who is approached and does not have to answer his or her full history again gets a sense of recognition. “The company, the brand, knows me, they know who I am and they offer me customized products and services”. Customer service with a heart and a CRM as a beating heart.

Efficiency and impact force, not just buzzwords

Why is a CRM indispensable for your customer service? In addition to the technical benefits (all information, data, and history in one tool, therefore ideal for your IT department), it mainly has advantages for your business processes and for retaining the customer. Because winning the customer is one thing, retaining it is a completely different story.


Everyone is looking for efficiency gains in his or her business process. Thanks to a CRM, your customer service employees can consult, complete and correct all customer information at a glance. The customer is helped faster thanks to the right information that is immediately available. He or she does not have to tell his or her story to the umpteenth employee and get annoyed.

Impact force

It is quite logical that if you can work efficiently, you will also have more impact. You can detect and solve customer problems faster. A complaint on Twitter? No problem, with the right information you can immediately lead the customer to a “direct message” and solve the problem there. A problem with a product? No problem: the customer service employees receive a notification stating the product, the problem, and the solution.

Customer and service = Customer service

The word customer service says it all itself: “customer and service”. The customer is entitled to the best service, only then you will keep the customer bound to you. Satisfied customers must be well looked after, indeed they can become ambassadors for your brand. In any case, be sure that your customer service employees are equipped with the right tool, a CRM. This makes their work more efficient, effective and therefore more pleasant to do.

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