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This post was written by David Jiménez

Customized training involves a contribution from you as a customer, as a future user of a CRM solution. The standard training provided by your CRM provider is only effective if it is adapted to the processes, structure and needs of your business. Training in which what has been learned does not apply to your daily activities is at least as destructive as lack of training. The key to personalized training? #Daretoask!

Creating employee involvement

Happy employees are more productive, less often sick and are true ambassadors for your business. This is no longer a breaking news. Many companies are already doing a lot to make employees “feel good” about their workplace. Think about: a fruit basket, a relaxing area, a Friday afternoon drink or a team lunch to get ready for the weekend… However, there is one aspect that is often forgotten: participation. A study done by SDWorx shows that “more than 9 out of 10 employees (94%) who are pushed to participate in the company feel motivated to achieve good performance, compared to less than 7 out of 10 (68%) with low control if not zero.

Training is no exception

This is no different for training. An imposed training by the management whose added value is not understood and clear will have an opposit effect on the involvement of employees. The colleagues will come with a negative mindset to the training and a resistance to use the new CRM solution. You can read about how to organize practical training lessons to make your employees as comfortable as possible in one of our previous blog posts.

The knife cuts on two sides: #Daretoask

However, it is too easy to put all responsibility to the employer. The employee also has a duty to be assertive and proactive. What does the employee want to learn about the new system? Which daily processes does he or she want to see during the training sessions? In short #Daretoask. It is up to the management to take this in charge and to communicate with the trainer of the new CRM supplier so that they can provide customized training.

What you can do to promote the climate of engagement

Open and transparent communication contributes to an involved organization. However, it is easier said than done. We give you below some tools to lay a solid foundation for a culture of engagement, #Daretoask.

Go into continuous dialogue
Preventing miscommunication saves a lot of work. Therefore, enter into a regular dialogue with your employees and teams. Thanks to this you’ll know what needs they have in order to come to a customized training.

The bigger picture
Let employees be part of the bigger picture. Show that the work they do within their team contributes effectively to the goals of the company. It increases the motivation to also get to know the new CRM solution well.

Make good agreements
Good agreements “make good friends”. Ensure that expectations are at the same level so disappointment is avoided. Be honest about the training. It is not a magic agent. Make it clear that #Daretoask is important for a customized training.

Achieve success together

Tailor-made training is important to efficiently master the new CRM solution. In order to come to a customized training, there must be an open and transparent culture where #Daretoask is a habit. Only then the trainer will be able to respond to the needs of employees and teams and will engagement increase.

Do you still have doubts after you read this article about the usefulness of investing in training? Then be sure to read the article “Get the most out of a CRM solution thanks to employee training” that appeared on our blog earlier.

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