Efficy Diving Academy is a training program for devs and users

Join Efficy Diving Academy

Customers who invest in training report more than 50% ROI on their Efficy investment. This is why Efficy Diving Academy presents a broad array of training sessions to empower your people with the skills and knowledge they need to get the most of Efficy CRM.

The How-To Training Program to Boost Your Performances

Efficy Diving Academy has built a program through which you can evolve level by level, training after training! It way it works is very intuitive.

First, choose the training session that best suits your needs of your business activity (the training sessions Efficy (Quick) Essentials + Extended Usage are compulsory).

Take your diving test, get your diving certificate and move to the next level.

There are plenty of interesting training sessions: the more you know about your Efficy CRM, the easier it is to make the most of it !

User Program

Efficy Diving Academy has designed two different programs according to your profile: the Web-Developer Program (jump to the program here) and the User Program.

If you want to discover the tips and tricks that will make your daily professional life easier, the User Program has been tailored for you.

Our Recommended Paths will help you choose the training sessions that are best suited to your professional division.

Level #1: Bubblemaker

Start Using Efficy

As a bubblemaker, you will get a chance to take your first breaths in your Efficy CRM solution. You will learn how to use the essential equipment of your CRM solution to feel comfortable with its basic modules and features. This first diving experience will enable you to build the diving toolkit necessary to your evolution.

Level #2: Scuba Diver

Go Deeper in your Knowledge of Efficy CRM

Once you have completed the Bubblemaker level, our Scuba Diver sessions will take you to a higher level. At this stage, you will become a daily user of Efficy CRM with considerable skills. Most importantly, this scuba diving experience will give you the necessary usage techniques and strategies specific to your position.

Level #3: Open Water Diver

Explore New Open Water Territories

There is always something exciting about exploring deeper dive places. Whatever it is that stimulates your interest, Efficy Diving Academy has the right training course. As an open water diver, you will specialize in your Efficy CRM with advanced techniques.

Level #4: Dive master

More than using Efficy CRM, control it !

If you want to take the next step, get a taste of what it is to control your Efficy CRM tools thanks to our Divemaster training courses. If becoming an expert of your Efficy CRM and learning how to manage it from A to Z sounds like fun, then those training courses are for you.

Web-Developers Program

As a web-developer you do have more specific and technical needs than daily users of Efficy. This is why Efficy Diving Academy has developed the Technical Diving Crew Training Program. During these training sessions, you will learn how to manage, build, control and configure the settings of your Efficy CRM from A to Z.

How does it work? To get your Technical Diving Crew Certificate, pick at least 4 training sessions out of the 7 listed training courses. Once attended, get your Efficy Diving Crew Certificate by taking our technical diving tests.

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