New technologies, communication channel diversification, ever-evolving consumer expectations…

All these parameters impact the UX (user experience), the renowned customer experience, and call for better Customer Relationship Strategies.

How, then, can you optimize your customer knowledge to enhance performance and offer a truly memorable experience?

It can never be said too often: “a satisfied customer is a customer who is more likely to come back.”

Today, consumers expect a personalised relationship. They want to be recognised and understood, without having to explain the same problem over and over again to different people who do not have the expertise to give the appropriate answer.

In this context, it is essential for businesses to capitalise on their customer knowledge and spread it throughout the company and its teams.

Customer intelligence, the cornerstone of the quality of your CRM solution

Over the last few decades, points of contact between businesses and consumers have multiplied. Nowadays, customers can contact the customer service via the website, a mobile app, chatbots, social networks, by phone or SMS, etc. All of these channels capture a variety of valuable data.

The critical question, then, is how you centralise these data, then analyse them and ultimately exploit them in the right way.

The CRM can also be used at a POS, in which case we talk about CRM onboarding. This concept refers to the process of grouping the physical and digital identity of your contacts. Be careful, though, to keep only those data which are relevant!

Offer your sales and customer service representatives a 360° customer view

With the ever-increasing amount of data, Customer Relationship Management is becoming more and more complex.

There’s no secret to how to streamline this volume of data. Your teams need to be able to access the information that is relevant to them quickly and easily.

Not only does this save valuable time, it also enhances efficiency.

How, then, can you centralise all your data on your customers and prospects? It’s simple: you need a Customer Relationship Management system. You need a CRM software solution. A CRM solution is often the hub of customer knowledge within a company.

Interface all your tools for a global and reliable view of your customers

Customer data is often stored in separate files or software systems: CRM; marketing solutions; ERP; databases; etc. A recent study by Harris Interactive confirms this trend. Nearly 50% of businesses have at least two customer databases, 30% have at least three, and 19% have more than four.

Not to mention the many companies which still use Excel spreadsheets! There are, however, much simpler ways to go about sharing customer knowledge.

So, now more than ever, your different software solutions have to communicate within your information system. To what end? To have a comprehensive, consistent and up-to-date view of your customers and prospects. This will enable you to design a tailored, ultra-personalised relationship with the consumer.

Towards an enriched, personalised and digitalised customer experience

With a 360° view of your customers, businesses can enhance the quality of the service they provide.

With just a few clicks, your teams can access all relevant information.

The good management and correct utilisation of customer knowledge will enhance the customer experience you are able to offer.