A customer support management software gathers all the information related to the customers of all the services of the company.

Thus you know better and you analyze your customers.

Such a tool is essential for the development of a company: the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows you to better know your customers and therefore to better meet their expectations and satisfy them.

The tailor-made solution for your support teams

Designed for customer service teams, managers and executives.

This software for customer service allows you to manage requests and incidents or to follow up on current contracts.

You also have tools to perform analysis and statistics on orders and requests from your customers.

The software also allows you to manage your projects from A to Z. You have a clear vision of your projects in real time.

You allocate the right financial and human resources to meet your deadlines and budget.

A CRM tool for customer satisfaction

The different CRM editors offer you customer support management software to manage your quality and loyalty policy towards your customers.

You have an efficient tool to act on many elements of your customer service, after-sales service management (requests, incidents, contract follow-up), after-sales service optimization (statistical analyses and notifications) and loyalty (up-selling and cross-selling).

Work mobile with customer support management software

A CRM provides you with tools dedicated to your industry. Choosing a customer service management software saves you time and allows you to improve your results.

Available in the cloud, simply by connecting to the Internet, your platform and data are accessible to all your employees whether they are connecting from a computer, a tablet or a cell phone.

Customer support management software is designed to be quick to learn and accessible from any mobile device and smartphone.

With cloud computing, you can enjoy simple and universal access to customer support management software through an Internet connection.

Productivity gains at all levels of your organization

Thanks to the customer support management software, you will be able to benefit from many advantages, at all levels of your organization and concerning several actors:

  • Your teams gain in reactivity with a fast and intuitive solution allowing them to process all customer requests.
  • Your managers benefit from these tools to manage the company’s customer service more effectively and to better manage priorities.
  • Managers have a realistic picture of the quality of support.

CRM software provides many solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.

You can have a customized customer service management software configured according to your needs and on which you can centralize all your after-sales service information.

Thanks to a simplified management of your customer service, your actions are optimized and especially your rate of loyalty increases.

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