A marketing campaign is a series of marketing operations oriented towards a particular objective.

These operations can involve different types of actions, and can be spread over time, or happen simultaneously.

The key to a good marketing campaign: consistency

There can be no marketing campaign without an objective or a budget

As stated before, a marketing campaign has a goal. This can relate to brand notoriety, sales objectives, etc. Before launching a campaign, it is important you set a quantitative goal, and that this be quantifiable (by awareness surveys or in terms of revenue, for example). This, in turn, will enable you to measure the success of the campaign.

Another sensitive topic: the budget. A marketing campaign, whether mobile or traditional, can include a number of steps (mass emails, direct mail, calling campaigns, digital marketing posts, etc.), which are more or less expensive. Their success hinges just as much on attaining the objectives as staying on budget.

A good script for marketing campaigns

For an effective marketing campaign, it is important to think about how to optimise the sequence of the different operations of the campaign, and also to make sure the campaign leverages different media platforms appropriately.

Consumers are everywhere: on social networks, in front of the TV, in their inbox, at home reading their mail, on their phone…

You have to design your marketing campaign from an omnichannel perspective.

Integrate mobile marketing campaigns into your customer relationship strategy

Just as for all other issues pertaining to customer relationship, centralising and sharing data is paramount. Make sure you don’t work in silos!

Imagine if a prospect targeted by a marketing campaign then calls the sales representative in charge of his or her account only to discover the sales representative is not aware of the campaign. From a customer perspective, the brand must be one, comprehensive entity. Consumers must receive one, comprehensive message.

Another reason why you need to integrate marketing campaigns into the customer relationship strategy: ROI How can you see if your mobile marketing campaign A has yielded better results than campaign B if the information is not centralised?