The project management software allows you to develop your strategies for prospecting and customer loyalty.

This intelligent platform centralizes all sales and marketing information and facilitates collaboration between the various teams.

The smooth running of a project contributes greatly to customer satisfaction.

That’s why it’s essential that the CRM and the project management tool become one.

Your projects must enrich your customer knowledge.

The advantages of a project management software are multiple

Master and succeed in all your projects with this method that puts the customer at the center of your business and gives you a 360° view of the customer.

Your sales, service, administration and consulting teams need to work hand in hand.

The tool allows them to interact in real time.

Thus, thanks to the collaborative work of all, you build a strong and personalized relationship with each of your customers.

Specifically designed for B2B service companies, you easily control all your projects.

You can directly create your GANTT charts to follow the progress of your projects in real time.

You don’t forget any task and you respect your deadlines.

Project management software also allows you to allocate your resources, control your budgets and risks. You manage the profitability of your projects.

Work in teams

Most projects require a team, Efficy’s project management software gives you a collaborative dimension.

Accessible from anywhere at any time (cloud-based software), the people in charge of the project share their data and exchange information on the project’s progress.

No need to organize time-consuming weekly/daily meetings.

You work efficiently and serenely as a team.

Monitor profitability with the project management tool

The Efficy project management tool is an integral part of CRM.

Therefore your production is directly linked to the business. You can easily anticipate your production capacity.

You efficiently staff your consultants, you measure their staffing rate to optimize their occupancy rate.

From the Efficy project management tool, your consultants enter their time and expenses. The software allows you to work on a contract basis as well as on a fixed price basis.

You control the entire chain via the tool: from purchasing to production, you can measure the profitability of all your projects very efficiently.

Organize and carry out your projects

The Efficy project management tool allows all the actors in the company to collaborate easily.

Everyone has access to real-time data and can follow what everyone is doing and how.

To save time, you can create your projects from an estimate or a template project.

You can also create it entirely.

The project management tool allows you to manage schedules, budgets and teams.

Thanks to the GANTT vision, you can easily control each phase of the project which allows you to respect the deadlines and your commitments.

Evaluate the quality of your service, make your customers happy

Feedback from your customers is certainly the best indicator of success you can receive. But it is crucial that you know if your teams are performing well and if your projects are profitable.

With Efficy’s project management software, you have a battery of indicators to evaluate the performance of your customer service and production departments.

You must configure your CRM for project management according to your needs and your activity.

This allows you to centralize all your data to facilitate the work of your employees and promote their exchanges.

The project management software offers you many possibilities.

Create your projects as you wish and benefit from a history of your actions.

You control your human and financial resources to meet your deadlines and budgets.

You manage tasks and alerts. You have access to indicators of time spent by each person on a specific project as well as a visualization of profitability.