Keep track of your business transactions

Thanks to the sales management software, you can control in real time your capacity to respect your commitments or to manage your orders between your different interlocutors.

Thanks to your sales management software, you centralize all your essential information, you optimize your commercial performance.

Increase your sales with a CRM solution

Prospect more efficiently, sell better with sales force management software.

Choose sales prospecting software that accelerates your business development.

Streamline your sales process to make it more efficient.

Score and segment your companies and contacts in order to prioritize the opportunities that are most likely to convert.

Improve the sales productivity of your sales force.

Manage and track all your business transactions

Invoice :

  • Quote / invoice
  • Collection / cash flow

Manage your deliveries :

  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Inventory management
  • Purchasing management

Analyze your profit and loss account :

  • Real-time status report
  • Customized integration with accounting systems

Simplify your business management ....

Your CRM software is designed to help all of your sales forces, both your salespeople and your managers.
Your salespeople prospect better:

  • They focus on their strategic accounts
  • They target strategic companies and decision makers
  • They edit and send their quotes
  • They follow up on their business
  • They spend more time on sales, less on administration

...and the management of your sales force

Your sales managers :

  • Pilot in real time the activity of their team
  • Monitor their team’s business in real time
  • Evaluate the results according to the efforts made by each person
  • Have a 360° vision of their activity
  • Manage their priorities
  • Easily analyze the effectiveness of their strategy

Turn every contact into an opportunity

  • Simplify your business management.
  • Access your customer information anywhere with a powerful mobile application.
  • Track and score your opportunities.
  • Create, save and customize your quotes and commercial offers.
  • Manage your business in real time.
  • Improve the productivity of your sales force.

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