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This post was written by David Jiménez

According to the 2019 ACSEL “growth and digital” barometer, less than one in two businesses (42%) with physical outlets has complementary digital strategies. Then, Coronavirus arrived and overturned economic models.

Overnight, sell without a point of sales

Almost without notice, many stores had to close shop. The reason: containment imposed by the health crisis (COVID-19). This decision raised a key question: how to sell when the stores are closed?

But, this question is not new. Brands have been thinking about this for a long time. But, for lack of time, resources, or simply because “business as usual” takes over, the digitalization of points of sale is put aside.

In some industries, especially those with long sales cycles, digital is still seen badly, and as the one who cannibalizes sales from the physical network.

Adapt: the keyword that took on its full meaning

Coronavirus crisis has profoundly changed consumption habits. Travel restricted, even prohibited. Stores closed. Local shops limited to those deemed essential (pharmacy, food, etc.).

Some brands had already implemented a phygital strategy (the link between digital and physical). This is the case, for example, of the Banking / Insurance sector on which we led a conference in March with Société Générale and AXA on the subject of digital transformation (see the video replay).

And, generally speaking, for all companies, containment was the trigger. We will note, among other things, the implementation of the electronic signature, the virtual visit of unbuilt real estate projects or the possibility of asking an option online to sign only afterward.

Keep good habits

During the confinement, new habits were taken, including more empathy and more virtual meetings by video. Paradoxically, we even have the feeling of having been closer to our customers during this period. “I hope you are well”, “take care of yourself”, “we are by your side”… All these sentences were part of the basic elements of any discussion. And we hope it will last because the authenticity of Customer Relations is key to ensuring customer satisfaction.

A big boost for digital transformation

Today, those who have bet online sales are preparing to deploy real global strategies where physical and digital networks will be perfectly complementary. The purpose? Provide a seamless customer experience.

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Customer satisfaction Omnichannel
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