Efficy CRM appoints Robert Houdart, Houdini 6 creator, as R&D Manager

Efficy appoints Robert Houdart, Houdini 6 creator, to the position of R&D Manager

Efficy is counting on Robert Houdart, creator of the world's n°1 chess software, to help sustain its growth

A civil engineering graduate at the Leuven University, Robert Houdart started his career in 1991 at Tractebel, a worldwide energy supplier, known later as GDF Suez and then Engie.

In the Belgian nuclear department, he was notably working on mechanical calculations and software editing.
In 1999, he joined Link Software - a company specialized in CRM – to work as a software developer, and then an R&D manager. As early as 2001 Houdart started to work for Next Application, and that’s where he met Cédric Pierrard, with whom he founded Efficy in 2005.

“When we created Efficy, our goal was to become the CRM European champion, says Robert Houdart, cofounder. Our challenge was to create a software dedicated to client relationship that would be very flexible and customizable, as well as easily upgradable from one version to another, to make its introduction easier to big accounts.".

Today, thanks to the product initially developed by Robert Houdart, Efficy has become a European reference in the CRM sector. The company now has almost 110 employees, 70000 users all over the world and makes over 10 million turnover. Its growth rate is around 30 to 40% each year.

2017, back to Efficy: Robert Houdart puts his chessboard aside

Robert Houdart is as passionate about Artificial Intelligence, his specialty, as he is about the world of chess, a sport in which he has been competing since childhood. In 2010, he put his know-how at the service of his passion, creating the Houdini program, the world star of chess programs.

“I left Efficy in 2010 to be able to develop AI algorithms for a chess engine, which is my passion. A full-time job!”

Houdini 6, Digital Great Master, is now the n°1 program on the world stage. Back in Efficy in October 2017 as R&D manager, Houdart will have to develop the next version of Efficy CRM. “Back at Efficy, my mission will be to further improve the 11th version of the program, by creating mobility features that are unique on the market.”.

For Cédric Pierrard, Efficy CEO: “His comeback is excellent news for the evolution of our CRM. His experience of AI and his knowledge of Efficy will allow us to achieve important milestones in the development of client relationship.”

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About Efficy

Efficy is a European CRM solution. The software allows contacts, customers, databases and marketing campaigns management. Efficy helps users link and organise all the information in a semi-automatic way, so that all the data is close at hand. The first version of the software was introduced on the market in 2006.

The last version was translated to French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish and Turkish. Efficy CRM has over 55000 users in around 1600 companies, located all over Europe. Among the French companies working with Efficy CRM are Efectis Group, Saint-Gobain, Toupret Industrie, Olvea, Les Mutuelles du Soleil and CEA Leti. In Belgium, BECI, Ingenico Group, CBRE, Kinepolis, Eiffage Benelux and BOZAR are a few of our clients.

In Luxemburg, CIPARI, CLC, Ferderspiel, ProductLife, and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology have all adopted our solution. Altogether, Efficy SA employs around a hundred people in its Brussels, Windhof (Luxemburg), Paris (France), Utrecht (Netherlands), Geneva (Switzerland), Frankfurt (Germany) et Istanbul (Turkey) offices.