Efficy CRM and Marketing Automation module to reduce your tasks
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Efficy CRM and Marketing Automation

Automate low added value tasks to spend more time on the analysis and improvement of your marketing campaigns

Stop wasting time carrying out tasks that are time-consuming without any added value. Let Efficy CRM help you automate these tasks and give you more time to spend on strategic thinking.

Efficy CRM Marketing Automation Module

Marketing automation is complementary to a CRM solution. Indeed, CRM software programs assist the management of campaigns and events but lack the automation processes that reduce the time spent on low-added value actions (send reminders, confirmation, etc.).

For example, in Efficy CRM, you can set up your event campaign and determine when, to whom and at what time a reminder or a participation confirmation will be sent to your target audience.

Be Analytic

So, when someone subscribes to your event from your website, they will automatically receive a thank you email.

Then, a few days before your event takes place, this very person will automatically receive a reminder that will allow you to reduce the number of no-shows.

The only thing you need to care about is the results from your campaign. Stop wasting time and make the most of it when analysing your results and profiling your audience. In that way, you get to the strategic level of Marketing automation and improve your campaigns.

See in this short video how Efficy CRM works for your Marketing team

Efficy CRM Marketing Module is so much more

Do you need to communicate with your clients? Do you want to generate leads?

Besides automation, the Marketing Module is the solution which gives your business true quality of communication.

Selecting contacts

Need to get in touch with someone urgently? You have a new product, a newsletter or some important advice?

Define the audience you are targeting using Efficy CRM’s database queries.

In this way, you select your contacts appropriately and with discernment and create profile. An Efficy Profile group is a group of contacts gathered together on the basis of shared or common interests or characteristics.

Profiles can group people who have the same age, language, interest (in training, a certain product etc.). To know more about this powerful targeting module, see how you can easily divide your audience into market segments here.

You then consolidate these groups within your campaign.

Surveys and Results

Using the Extranet, you can put registration forms or surveys online and the results can be saved directly into the Efficy CRM database.

You can easily create business opportunities from your campaigns, then calculate their ROI (return on investment).

« Up-to-date » data

There is no such thing as effective marketing without precise and up-to-date data. Using the Efficy Extranet, the people you reach can correct their own contact details.

You can offer them this possibility every time they communicate with you. In this way, your Efficy CRM database is always correct and effective.


Efficy CRM assists you in organizing your events from A to Z. Everything, from the invitation to the thank you letters, including registration, confirmations and reminders.

You can easily follow your event’s development. Also, by integrating Efficy CRM into an external mailing tool such as Flexmail, you can analyse the effectiveness of your mailing.

You will immediately see who has subscribed or cancelled their subscription, who opened a publication or an e-mail, who clicked on a link, etc.

To conclude

Efficy CRM's Marketing Automation is made up of the following features:

  • A complete eMailing solution
  • Tracking of opens, clicks…
  • Optin / opt out / unsuscribing
  • Forms & landing pages
  • Drag & drop email template designer
  • Survey
  • Reporting, A/B testing & Link Map
  • A powerful Marketing automation
  • Workflows & processes
  • Automatic Segmentation
  • Social Media Management (Twitter / Facebook / Linkedin)
  • SMS sending