Efficy CRM Data Dashboards
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Efficy CRM Data Dashboards

With Efficy CRM Data Dashboards, your targets are displayed on a single sheet - campaign results, individual or team achievements. All your reports include KPIs, diagrams and charts.

The analysis of your operational results helps you improve your process. With a clear view on your successes and failures, you can clearly spot the issues that need to be tackled. Each of your processes needs to lead to customer conversion. Data Dashboards allow you to take the right strategic decisions.

To analyse your results, Efficy CRM offers three solutions. First, a whole set of feeds located on the central part of your Efficy CRM displays your results in the form of dynamic diagrams and charts. You can see, at a glance, the progress of a project, the remaining tasks, your budget, etc.

Then, Efficy CRM also has Crystal Reports, that is, analytical reports with stats and graphs.

Finally, with Efficy CRM , you can access ready-for-use data dashboards adapted to your activity. You can of course customize those dashboards to tailor them to your own search criteria. With Efficy CRM, you have no limits. .

Those ready-for-use dashboards use Qlik Sense technology and design. They are dynamic, as filters can be set and quickly changed on demand.

In that way, those dashboards help you answer all your questions. You find relevant information and turn insights into actions.

Thanks to this comprehensive and user-friendly visualization, you company becomes agile. Your strategic decisions are based on real-time data and results.

Thanks to their intuitive design, those dashboards make your data easily readable and sharable. Graphs and diagrams make data so simple that decision-making has never been that easy.

In a click, you see your annual turnover per region, team, product, etc. You can also view, in real time, your sales opportunities, your customer pipelines and the number of closed deals per account manager.