Efficy CRM Days 2019: Barcelona, Paris, Utrecht and Brussels. Play for change...

Play for change... with Efficy

Brussels, April 25th

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What are the Efficy CRM Days?

The event that gathers the whole Customer Relationship ecosystem.

Efficy CRM Days are a cycle of days with conferences, round tables, workshops and meetings. They’re dedicated to all the people linked in any way to the Customer Relationship in the companies: sales, marketing, customer service, digital transformation, executive board members... The objective is to raise our knowledge about this topic and exchange with our pairs in order to get some experience feedback.

Efficy CRM Days 2019: the European Tour

One concept, 4 dates for 4 cities

The program will be online very soon...

For more information about this event or registration, do not hesitate to contact us by email: marketing@efficy.com.