Efficy CRM Document Module

Efficy CRM Document Module

This is the end of hard disks, collaborate in real time and never lose any documents

A company should never rest. Employees are promoted, leave your company, move out to another function,....but all travel with precious information about your company and customers.

You are not (physically) in the same place but you have to work together with other colleagues? Only one answer should come to mind: Efficy CRM !

Bring coherence to your documents and to your branding

Producing coherent and high-quality documents like proposals, invitations, questionnaires, can induce a certain cost. Often the sorting out and the archiving of all those documents lack efficiency. The structure of your files is not clear, your documents have been lost, other files are outdated...The Document Management Module of Efficy CRM is THE solution.

Efficy CRM is an advanced document management tool with which it is easy to produce documents based on 'smart' documents. In that way, complex proposals or contracts can be customized according to your customers' fields (name, language, VAT number, etc.) in only a few clicks.Those smart documents are also adaptable according to your products, and prices.

Efficy CRM can be synchronized with all the Office programs of your existing environment. You create your own smart documents and, as a consequence, ensure the layout of your documents is always the same while still adapting the document on the basis of the information in your database (product, price, client's personal data, company's professional data, etc.).

Indeed, with this feature, you create a 'standard' document (a template), you insert an Efficy field that will automatically be updated according to your database. The different fields you can use for example are: the name of the contact, the invoicing address of the company, the reference of the document, etc. All the documents you will generate from Efficy CRM will therefore have the same layout, hence bringing coherence to your branding and corporate image. .

Centralize your Documents

In many companies, each employee has their own method to store and save documents.

It implies that a lot of information can be lost or never found or that your employees need to dig into your database to find the document they are looking for. This will not happen again with Efficy CRM.

Your documents are saved in your database and always available for consultation, by everyone, thanks to the research tool. The storing system saves the location of the document and its linked files. You can use the research tool to launch an instant research and spot the relevant document in a few seconds. It becomes so easy to find a document now.

Your documents are protected and never lost. You can choose the secured access you want to give to certain people or a certain group of people. In that way, people that are not authorized to access your confidential information will not be able to see or edit your documents.

Manage Different Types of Documents

Make the difference between document types: proposal, quote, contrats, invoices,...thanks to their reference number and to fields specific to one type of document, you easily distinguish and find the different documents in your DB.

External documents, like invoices, can also be managed in an efficient way in Efficy CRM. Digital documents, like PDF documents are automatically archived in your database while every paper document can be scanned and stored in Efficy CRM. Then, all those files are saved and preciously referenced in Efficy CRM to make it easier for your employees to find what they need.

You can find more information about Document Management Software and Efficy CRM's specific features here.