Efficy CRM Google Maps Module
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Efficy CRM Google Maps Module

Locate and Pinpoint Any of Your Customers with Efficy CRM Google Maps Module

Find any of your contacts or company on a map

With Efficy CRM Google Maps Module, you instantly locate your contacts and their company on Google Maps. Google Maps plans your route, offers a street view of the address and allows you to discover its surroundings.

This feature is very useful if your core business has to do with the real estate sector. In the case of real estate agencies, this module helps you select buildings that match your search criteria (location, price, type, etc.). It can also be very handy if you need to communicate with your agents or workers and indicate them where the location of the construction site is. Indeed, thanks to Efficy CRM Google Maps Module, they can access any of the location of your construction sites.

How does this module work?

From your contact or company record, you can click on the address or on 'show on map' for Google Maps to open and display the exact location in a blank page.

When some of the information provided is missing, Efficy CRM gives as many details as possible. For example, if only the country or city field has been filled in, Google Maps shows you the country or zooms in on the very city.

This Google Maps integration is only included in the Premium package.