Efficy Magic Summit Brussels - Presentation of Efficy 11

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Brussels, Avril 25th 17h00 - 22h00

Efficy 11, the most important release in Efficy's recent years

2018 is the year of challenges : GDPR, Gamification, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility...

With Efficy Magic Tour, learn about those hot topics and get a peek into the newest features of your new Efficy CRM version.

Calendar icon25 April

Calendar icon17.00-22.00

City iconLiving Tomorrow,

Indringingsweg 1, 1800 Vilvorde

Geolocalisation iconHow to arrive

Our Speakers

Michelle Dassen GDPR and Flexmail
How to take full advantage of your email communication

by Michelle Dassen,
Flexmail's Business Unit Manager
Robert Houdart Houdini & Artificial Intelligence
How a Belgian dream became a worldwide reality

by Robert Houdart,
Efficy's R&D Manager
Catherine Rouge Resistance to change
Don't deal with resistance to change, face it !

by Catherine Rouge,
Wilink's Chief Business Transformation Officer
Stéphane Manfroy Efficy 11
What is in for you

by Stéphane Manfroy,
Efficy's Sales Director
Cédric Pierrard Spread the Love awards
Closing words

by Cédric Pierrard,
Efficy's CEO
Wizard Walking dinner
Surprise surprise: magic show

Spread the Love Adwards

Our The Spread the Love challenge has come to its end.

More than 70 of our customers took part in the contest some of which managed to collect up to 200 points.

All our winners of will be rewarded with their well-deserved prizes during our User Day.

Efficy Magic Tour

To spread the word, Efficy Magic Summit will be on a tour in France and in the Netherlands.

The programme of the summit will be subject to local adaptations.

The programme of the summit will be subject to local adaptations.

Don't miss them out.





For more information about this event, do not hesitate to contact us by email: marketing@efficy.com.