Efficy CRM on the Cloud or On-Premise: an important decision
PC with Efficy CRM screenshot

Efficy CRM on the Cloud or On-Premise

Efficy CRM on the Cloud or On-Premise, the Choice is Yours

Efficy CRM: 100% on the web

Efficy CRM is 100% based on the Web. In other words, to work on Efficy CRM, all you need is an Internet connection. You can access your Efficy CRM from any device, be it a smartphone, a computer, a laptop or a ipad. Any type of device will do: Windows, AppleOS, Linux, Unix, Android, iOS et Chrome OS.

In addition to this flexibility in terms of device, this Web-based feature is a strong asset as it does not request any additional installation. It is quick and easy to use.

You will always work on the latest version of Efficy CRM. Indeed, as the Efficy engine is hosted on an external, shared server, your version of Efficy will be automatically updated. If you do not want to have your Efficy CRM on the cloud, just say the word and Efficy CRM will be installed on -premises. In any case, data security is a priority and never put at risk.

And those updates and maintenance services are free of charge ! To know more about this unique service, have a look at our price list.

Configure the parameters of your Efficy CRM solution

The web-based Efficy CRM solution enables you to parameter your tool according to your needs. You are free to add any customs you'd like and you can even do it yourself. With Efficy Designer, you customize your crm tool and tailor the fields, their labels, any radio button you'd like, the automation process, etc. You take the lead and control your own software. To know more about our Efficy Designer module, click here.