Efficy CRM Product Module

Efficy CRM Products Module

A complete, up-to-date and easily accessible catalogue. Discover our Efficy CRM Products Module

You sell a large quantity of products, too many to remember their references by heart? You need to know about a new feature, a temporary promotion or a new technical update?

With Efficy CRM, you create your own product catalogue in which you find all the detailed information about each of them, in a matter of seconds: quantities, discounts, price, features, dimensions, specificities, etc..

You can also link a product to a company, contact, document, project or opportunity, so that you know exactly who has ordered which kind of product.

The Products Module also helps you create your quotes and offers and find which product has been sold, in which quantity, to which customer and under which promotion conditions.

If you want to communicate a promotion offer to your clients, create a marketing campaign and link it to your product. In that way, you can see which product has been subjected to a communication action, and which one is still being promoted.

Thanks to your Products Module, you also handle your invoices quickly. Product prices and fields (such as features, quantity, etc.) can be automatically inserted into your invoice templates so that you and your employees can generate an invoice document that is fully adapted to your customers' demands.