Efficy CRM Project Module

Efficy CRM Project Module

With Efficy CRM, you manage your most complex projects and ensure quality follow-ups

The projects of Efficy CRM can serve different purposes; some help you gather information, others help you manage complex projects. This is the power of Efficy CRM which adapts itself to your needs and not the other way around.

How many documents are left unnoticed in the corner of your database and never found again? Think about saving them in Efficy CRM where you can link them to any Projects you'd like. This is the perfect way to reactivate the use of your lost or forgotten files and structure your work.

Collaborate more efficiently with Efficy CRM

Efficy CRM guarantees competent and effective management of your customers' projects. It allows your teams to have a shared access to all your customers' files, history, contact details, linked documents, etc., in real time.

All internal and external stakeholders of the project can access the characteristics of the project, the state of progress, the project planning, its agenda, related tasks, past actions taken, contracts and formal documents handed to the customers, etc.

The follow-up of resources used, what has been planned and what remains to be done is easily consultable. All stakeholders can also see the remaining budget, the operational management and administrative workload. In other words, Efficy CRM centralizes all key information and makes it accessible to those who need to be kept informed of the project updates.

Imagine one sole Project on which many departments could work: each of those department has its own specific access to information. Sales account managers can access sales documents, proposals, offers, whilst your financial department has the right to read and edit deals and contracts.

In that way, you secure your project by granting access rights but you make sure every department is well informed according to its specific needs.

Each task carried out, each email sent, each document or contract signed, can be saved and linked to the project. Therefore, by consulting the history of the project, you will see all the most recent modifications made to the project and you will know, exactly, who did what..

To have a clearer view on your complex projects, you can also create meta-projects containing sub-projects. In that way, you get a cristal clear tree view like with Windows Explorer.

Customize your tool

Efficy CRM also allows you to customize your projects. With Efficy CRM you can add your own fields. For example, if you need to see the allocated budget per project, the state of progression, the end or start date, the person or department in charge, ...

Your projects can also be used as containers. For example you can have a projet in which you will store all your sales proposals. A "HR" Project, for its part, will gather all emails, letters, tasks taken concerning the recruitment of employees.

As you can see below, this picture clearly illustrates how a tree view structures your work and makes it easier to be used. In this example, the Project entitled 'Digital Marketing' contains several sub-projects.

The Project Module of Efficy CRM enables you to:

  • Manage interventions, missions or projects

  • Manage follow-ups of interventions (by consultants, project manager, technicians...)

  • Manage the administrative aspect of the projects (contracts, invoices, timesheet)

  • Manage partners and subcontractors

  • Track all related information linked to your project (documents, history of changes made to the project, assessment of consultants, mission appraisal)

  • View budgetary follow-ups

  • Create and view status reports