Efficy CRM Queries Module

Efficy CRM Queries Module

With Efficy CRM Queries Module, you never miss your target

You want to target and select all the active partners of your database, or all the customers who have recently ordered one of your products, or the prospects followed by your sales team? No problem, Efficy CRM Queries Module, helps you find the information you need. Any of these questions can be solved with a query that will extract the relevant information from your DB.

Depending on your initial question and the types of information you need (eg.: name of customer, name of document, name of product...), Efficy CRM will display whatever you are looking for.

As you can see below, you can create your own query. In this case, the query is aimed at displaying the names and contact files of every employee of a company. You first need to add the fields you are searching for (name of employee, job title, etc.), then filter those fields (for example, you only want the job title to be linked to 'marketing'). Then you launch the query and get all the information displayed.

You can save your query for further use. This module is very handy. Think for example about a situation in which you would like to invite all your active customers to an event and, then, reuse the same query to send them an email to assess their satisfaction with your products or services.